Terms & conditions


1.      Orders via the Internet are subject to the same general conditions of sale as orders placed by telephone, fax, mail or e-mail. We request you to familiarise yourself with them before validating your order.

2.      Except where explicitly agreed in writing among the parties, the clauses and conditions set out in the present documentation constitute all of the agreements and contractual provisions concluded between the Purchaser and the Vendor, notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary which may be set out in order forms or other documents issued by the Purchaser.

3.      Our offers are made without a commitment and can be revised at any time without prior warning.

4.      Our sales prices are understood as excluding taxes.

5.      The quantities to be delivered must correspond to our standard packaging quantities, which are known to the Purchaser.

6.      The goods travel at the Purchaser’s expense, risk and hazards as soon as they leave the Vendor’s warehouses, regardless of their mode of transport.

7.      Postage paid is granted for all orders placed via the site to be delivered in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

8.      All of the goods and own-materials make-up work are considered as accepted within 8 days of delivery. Any claim concerning the quantities, quality and execution formulated after this period will not be accepted. All claims must be formulated by registered letter.

9.      Any delay in delivering the goods may not cancel the order, nor can it lead to any compensation.

10.  All of the Vendor’s price quotations are given without commitment, until an agreement has been reached.

11.  Any new taxation, customs or transport charge which increases the cost price during the execution of a transaction or an order shall be added to the agreed price.

12.  We decline all responsibility in a case where the goods to be executed by our efforts are covered by a given registered patent or model according to the Purchaser’s data.

13.  Our guarantee is limited to the quality of our products. If this is faulty, our obligation is limited to the price of the product, regardless of the consequences of this fault. We shall not bear any other loss, whether suffered by the Purchaser or by a third party to this contract even when physical injury is concerned. On the contrary, the Purchaser must guarantee us against all recourse emanating from whomsoever may be concerned, in a case where our liability has been implicated due to the product we supply to execute this contract. No merchandise can be returned without written authorisation from the after-sales department. Authorisation of this type does not lead to any acknowledgement by the Vendor that the goods returned are faulty or non-compliant. In all circumstances, the goods returned shall travel at the Purchaser’s expense, risk and hazards.

14.  The Seller may not sell, pledge or relinquish the goods sold for whatsoever reason as long as the price and charges for them have not been fully paid.

15.  The Purchaser will become the owner of the goods after paying all of the invoices.

16.  All of the invoices are payable in Brussels in cash on delivery except where there is a written agreement between the parties. If the sum due is not paid within the due period, this sum will be increased by 20 % without any demand being required. If settlement does not occur, damages and interest shall be lawfully due and fixed inclusively at 20 % with a minimum of 40 €. All payment to intermediaries is considered as not existing.

17.  If the Purchaser does not fulfil the obligations stipulated in this document or any other contract concluded with the Vendor, the Vendor shall be entitled to terminate the contract without prejudice to its right to claim compensation.
Moreover, all of the other sums still due as well as bills which are still current and recovery expenses become immediately claimable.

In the event of a dispute concerning delivery and execution of the work, the Brussels Courts shall be solely competent.



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